Maintaining a Hot Tub

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Maintaining a Hot Tub

If you’re considering installing a home spa, you may be concerned that maintaining your hot tub will take a lot of time and effort. You may be surprised to learn that today’s hot tubs require minimal maintenance. In addition, your retailer may be able to supply you with options for professional maintenance if there are times when you are unable to do it yourself. Generally, instructions for keeping your hot tub in tiptop shape are clear and direct, and everything you need is supplied in a kit made especially for your product.

Clean and Clear Water

The basic goal of hot tub maintenance is to keep the water clean and clear. This usually requires a simple weekly procedure, as well as a drain and refill once every three months. Depending on the type of tub you purchase, maintenance will vary; but with a standard tub, you might follow these steps:
  • Test the water. A kit will determine what products your hot tub needs to bring the water back into balance. A liquid or test strip will determine the water’s pH, alkalinity, total chlorine or bromine, free chlorine, and calcium hardness. If you want, you can also buy a kit to detect phosphates, dissolved metals, or total dissolved solids.
  • Balance the water. Once you’ve tested it, add hot tub chemicals to bring the water back into the correct pH and alkalinity balance.
  • Sanitizing. After you’ve balanced the pH, add sanitizer (chlorine or bromine). If you’re using a floating dispenser, this should be done weekly.
  • Add water clarifier. This substance lets small particles clump together so that they can be more easily filtered.
  • Optional additives. Some people like to add anti-foaming agents, or aromatherapy to enhance the spa experience.
  • Wipe the water line. A weekly wipe-down of the water line area will keep your spa looking its best. Of course, if there is any debris on the bottom of the tub, vacuum with a special pool cleaner.
  • Clean the filter. Remove the filter element from its housing and replace it with a spare cartridge. Clean the filter and let it dry before returning it to the housing.

Choosing the Right Retailer

Hot tub maintenance is straightforward and reasonably simple. However, should any problems with your home spa arise, it’s important to have support from your retailer. When you’re buying a hot tub, be sure to select a reputable retailer that specializes in home spas. This will ensure that no matter what questions you have about maintenance or repair, you will have knowledgeable help available immediately. Some retailers even offer maintenance packages for customers who are pressed for time or who travel often.
A good retailer will also help you to make the right choice initially. You’ll want a hot tub that fits with your lifestyle and that fulfills all of the functions you want it to. Type, size, configuration, and extras all play into hot tub choice, and only a specialist in home spas will be aware of all of the various options available to you.
Maintaining a hot tub isn’t as difficult as you might think. A good retailer will help you choose a model and teach you how to take care of your home spa to make sure that plenty of bubbly relaxation and fun is in your future!

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